Neil Sedaka Net Worth

Neil Sedaka Net Worth

Net Worth $300 million

Neil Sedaka is an American singer and composer with an estimated net worth of $300 million. He is best known for his songs like “Oh! Carol” and “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.”

He was born March 13, 1939, is 5’8″ and 170 lbs.

After graduating from High School, Sedaka along with fellow classmates started a group called  The Tokens. The band had minor regional hits with songs like “While I Dream” and “I Love My Baby”.

The Tokens had great success in 1961, with their song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” hitting No.1 on the Billboard charts, the song was an international success. Sedaka attempted for years to be successful as a solo artists but seemed to have difficulty in the matter, until his solo hit “Ring-a-Rockin’’. With his hit solo single, Sedaka was signed by RCA Victor.

For the next years to come Sedaka enjoyed great success with number one hits such as “You Mean Everything to Me” (No. 17, 1960) and “Stairway to Heaven” (No. 9, 1960).

Sedaka would spend the next years coming in and out of the mainstream scene until finally retiring with an album signed by Elton John’s label The Rocket Record Company, Steppin’ Out was his final album. The album was regognized for its rock genre and was unmistakably one of his most sought after albums during his career.

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