George Brett Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

Baseball player George Brett currently has a net worth estimated at $15 million. Raised from a sports-minded family, George Brett has always dreamed of following the footsteps of his brother in the world of baseball. He started playing as a shortstop but was soon moved to the third. For fifteen years, he remained at that stop because of his powerful arms. Through his entire 21-year baseball career, George Brett only played for the Kansas City Royals.

Through his career, Brett was able to made 3,000 hits, 300 homeruns and 1999, he made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After his baseball career, Brett worked as a Vice President, part-time coach and special instructor of the Royals. Currently, together with his brothers Bobby, and Ken Brett (until his death), they  manage the Brett Bros., a baseball equipment and foam-hand company.

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