Chipper Jones Net Worth

Net Worth: $110 Million

Larry Wayne Jones Jr. is a former American baseball player. He is better known as Chipper Jones. Chipper or Larry has a net worth of $110 Million according to the latest estimates. His salary is said to be 13 Million USD as of 2012.

He has played 19 seasons of the Major League Baseball as a third baseman with the Atlanta Braves. During 2002 and 2003, he used to play in the left field, but soon returned as third base in 2004. Chipper debuted as a baseball player with the Atlanta Braves in 1993. He won the National League “Most Valuable Player” award in 1999 and the National League “Silver Slugger” award in 2000 for being the third man. He holds the Braves team record at .402. On July, 2007 he passed Dale Murphy and acquired the third position.

In 2012, Chipper ended his career with .303 as a hitter, 468 home runs, 1,512 points on walks and 1,623 RVI in 2,500 games and 8,989 bats. Chipper is just behind Eddie Murray on the list of switch hitters. Jones is considered to be the all-time best among all-round hitters. He is the only player with a score of .303+ batting average, and over 400 home runs.

Chipper retired from the game in March 2012 with the end of the 2012 season. Writers and critics are anticipating Jones to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and rightly so.

Jones married his first wife Karin Fulford in 1992. The two however divorced in 1997. He married again in March 2000 to Sharon Lagonov and has three sons – Larry Wayne, Tristen and Shea. Chipper released a charity wine called Chipper Chardonnay in 2006 to support the Miracle League, which supports disabled children.

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