Billy Beane Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

Former Major League Baseball player and the current general manager and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics, William Lamar “Billy” Beane III, has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He struggled for several seasons on the Mets, Twins and Tigers as a reserve outfielder, and decided not to return as a player in the 1990 season. Instead, he asked the Oakland A’s GM to become a reserve scout. He worked his way up to Assistant GM in 1994. Using the now famous sabermetric principle, he managed to make relatively undervalued players compete exceedingly well in the major leagues. This is shown in 2006, where the A’s ranked 24th out of 30 in salaries, but had the 5th-best regular season record. Because of his great success using these principles, he was the subject of Michael Lewis’s 2003 book on baseball economics, “Moneyball.” The book has been made into a movie, where Brad Pitt played Billy Beane and Billy was given a pretty fair amount of money to use his likeness to tell his story. He also now makes $500,000 a year with the A’s. Beane was born March 29, 1962 in Orlando, Florida.

Career Salary:
1986 Minnesota Twins $65,000
1989 Oakland Athletics $70,500
Total Career Salary: $135,500 (may be incomplete)

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