Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Net Worth: $800 Million

Syndication residuals from his eponymous sitcom make up the bulk of Seinfeld’s income, along with money from his stand-up shows and DVD sales. The New York native is still one of the highest paid comedians in America, pulling in $70 million in the months(May 2010 to May 2011), more than ten years after Seinfeld ceased production.

The show about nothing continues to pull in tens of millions of dollars each year for the world’s the top-earning comedian. After airing for nine seasons on NBC, Seinfeld has made a $2.7 billion since it went off the air 12 years ago, a jaw-dropping figure Time Warner (who owns the show) publicized this spring. Seinfeld’s stand-up act remains lucrative and another NBC series, the unscripted Marriage Ref, brings in producer fees.

Seemingly every struggling standup comic dreams of landing their own television series, but few managed to do so with greater success than Jerry Seinfeld, whose career as a nightclub comedian led to him starring as himself on the show Seinfeld — arguably the most successful situation comedy of the 1990s.

Born Jerome “Jerry” Seinfeld in Brooklyn, NY, on April 29, 1954, to Kalman Seinfeld, a signmaker, and his wife, Betty; Jerry was the second of the couple’s two children.

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