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Jerry Jones Net Worth


Net Worth $2.7 Billion

Jerry Jones is a CEO, entrepreneur, and the owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, who has a net worth of $2.7 billion. Jerry Jones earned his first fortune as an executive vice president of Modern Security Life of Springfield, in Missouri. He was also the founder and owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease, which searches for natural resources of oil and gas, in Arkansas. Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. Not long after he became owner, he fired coach Tom Landry and replaced him with Jimmy Johnson, who was later replaced by coach Barry Switzer. He is known for his close involvement with his team. But, even so, there are some who aren’t pleased with Jerry Jones. Many fans would like to see him gone, forming organizations to have him displaced as general manager. Sports Illustrated has named Jerry Jones as one of their least favorite sports personalities, after receiving the results of an online poll in Virginia, Delaware and Texas. Jones has also been slapped with a couple of fines by the NFL, for violating a gag order and for bad mouthing referee, Ed Hochuli, when he didn’t agree with his decision on a call he made.

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