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Perez Hilton Net Worth


$30 Million

Equally as hated as he is revered, celebrity-blogger Perez Hilton was born on March 23, 1978, as Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr, to Cuban parents. Raised in Miami, Florida, Hilton showed an interest in the dramatic side of life from an early age. He earned his BFA in Drama from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and began pursuing a career as an actor shortly after. The openly gay Hilton simultaneously explored his passion for the LGBT community, working for the organization, GLAAD Hilton was also a freelance writer for different LGBT journals and other publications, leading to his position as managing editor of the gay men’s magazine, Instinct.

Having discovered his flair for the written word, Hilton moved to Los Angeles in 2002, and began Perezhilton.com in 2004. Hilton’s nickname and blog itself were inspired by his adoration of socialite Paris Hilton. Perezhilton.com is both a gold mine and a hell for celebrities, as Hilton verbally attacks them as much as he promotes them. He is known (and feared) for the white marker he scribbles over celebrity photographs, used mostly for negative commentary. Celebrities such as Fergie have spoken out against Hilton, but others can attribute a chunk of their success to the coverage Hilton gives them. Be enchanted by Hilton or despise him, but after surpassing 8 million hits per day, one can confidently state that he has not only revolutionized the world of blogging, but has established himself as crucial figure in the Hollywood community.

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