Chris Webby Net Worth


Net Worth $2 Million

Christian Webber better known as the up and coming rapper Chris Webby has an estimated net worth of $2. With a lifelong passion for rap and hip hop music, the 22 year old gained his net worth after releasing a series of mix tapes online back in 2009.

Webby’s fame all started with an obsession with rap idols Eminem and Dr. Dre. Soon afterwards he began writing and recording original materials under the name Vindictive. In the space of a year and a half, he released six full length mixtapes, which were available (free of charge) on datpiff.com.

The White Noise LP was Webby’s first release in 2009 which this was immediately followed by the second mixtape, Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper (released in less than six months after The White Noise). By spring 2010, Webby was all set for his third release, Optimus Rhyme and by July he pumped out another mixtape, The Underclassmen.

In December, most people unwind for the festive season – not Webby. Just four days before Christmas, he released his fifth LP, Best in the Burbs. More recently the sixth LP, Webster’s Laboratory was released in June 2011.

After showcasing his music online, the Connecticut-born rapper became an overnight sensation thanks to social websites like You Tube. Webby has a strong fanbase at Hofstra University in Long Island (where he was a student) and now performs across the United States. Even the bigwigs at major record labels are knocking on the unsigned rapper’s door.

Despite the overnight attention from fans and record labels, Webby wouldn’t dare compare himself with his number one rap idol Eminem. Instead he described himself as ‘a goofy, rough around the edges white kid who’s really into Ninja Turtles and Super Mario. He adds: I stay true to yourself and who I am.’

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