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Net Worth $15.4 Billion

Michael Dell is a business executive and company founder who has a net worth of $15.4 billion. Michael Dell is the founder, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the computer company Dell Inc. Michael Dell knew that he wanted to go into business early in life and eventually dropped out of college and his pursuit of a pre-med degree, in order to repair and manufacture computers with a small support staff. This $1000 venture eventually grew to become Dell, Inc.

Much of Michael Dell’s net worth comes from his 12 percent interest in the company he founded, as well as from his ventures with many other companies. Dell has been involved with computers of some kind since the age of 7, when he is said to have gotten his first calculator. He quickly discovered a knack for both computers and business – one story has him so adept at selling newspaper subscriptions that as a young high school student he surpassed his teachers in terms of annual income. What would eventually become Dell Incorporated began while Dell was still in college at the Austin campus of the University of Texas, building and selling upgrade kits for personal computers. The business took off and he eventually applied for and received a vendor’s license, and began outbidding bigger companies due to his not having to worry about the expenses associated with an actual computer store. From there, it was only a matter of time before Dell Inc. was one of the most popular computer brands around.

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